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Critics Say:


"A TOUR DE FORCE ... Spiro, a charismatic actor who switches from drama to comedy in a twinkling -- and is an excellent mime to boot." -- Will Manus, Total Theater



“UNIQUE AND POWERFUL…  deserves to be seen and enjoyed.” -- Ron Irwin, Los Angeles Post Examiner



“PROVOCATIVE, FRESH, HONEST… a tour-de-force performance… heartfelt and heartbreaking… [Steve’s] story is one that will stay with me for a long time” -- Bonnie Priever, Curtain Up



“[A] THEATRICAL TREASURE… SPELLBINDING… eighty minutes of talent in motion… a ‘must see’. You’ll love it! “ -- Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theatre



“A POWERFUL AND EMOTIONAL TRUE STORY… entertaining and touching… a riveting performance” -- Joan Alperin, Stage and Cinema



“FUNNY, REFRESHING AND HIGHLY THEATRICAL… emotionally charged and heartfelt…a heartwarming tale of survival that will speak to your heart.” -- Shari Barrett, Broadway World



Celebrities Say:


"Terrific!" -- Hugh Laurie, Actor, (House) 


"Steve Spiro vividly creates a kid on the run. You're gonna run with him all the way. I know I did." 

-- Orson Bean, Actor/Comedian


"UK UNDERDOG stayed with me for days.  LA is lucky to have another chance to see it. Don't miss out."  

-- Bruce Joel Rubin, Screenwriter GHOST, THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE


“Steve’s one man show keeps you in the moment the ENTIRE time! Highly recommend, and a MUST SEE performance.”  -- Tim Moore, Producer, MalpasoProductions.


“Steve’s storytelling in UK UNDERDOG is packed with irony, unexpected plot twists and ultimately a delightful celebration of life. Don’t miss it!”  -- Alison Eastwood, Director, Rails & Ties, Battlecreek


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